How to Use ESD Wrist Strap and Mat 2020-03-26

As people know more and more about the interference and harm of static electricity to electronic and electrical products, people pay more and more attention to demand for anti-static technology and products. The correct selection, installation and use of anti static pad is a fast and effective way to effectively reduce the harm of static electricity to products, save resources and reduce production costs.
Anti-static mat: high surface hardness and scratch resistance, resistance to organic chemical solvents, beautiful appearance, high transparency, excellent anti static properties, made of high-quality conductive materials and dissipative static materials, synthetic rubber, etc., temperature resistance below 200 centigrade. In order to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazards, the production workshops and advanced laboratories of the electronics, semiconductors, computers, communication equipment, integrated circuits and other microelectronics industries need to lay anti-static platform mats or conductive floor mats. When the anti-static platform mats (ground mats) are laid and grounded, the working face will release static electricity from the human body, so that the ESD tweezers, tools, appliances, instruments, etc. in contact between the human body and the table surface reach a basically uniform potential. So that the electrostatic sensitive device (SSD) is not affected by the negative interference caused by electrostatic discharge phenomena such as friction electrification, so as to achieve the effect of electrostatic protection.
In order to use the anti static mat more effectively and for a longer time, we should pay attention to some matters in the process of using it.
1 the surface of the product is strictly forbidden to come into contact with acidic and alkaline solvents (such as benzene, alcohol, etc.), which may lead to discoloration, discoloration and resistance decline of the product surface. If cleaning is needed, the dishcloth may be wiped with a neutral solution (such as water, etc.).
2. the glue used should be compatible with both the bottom of the pad product and the worktable material, which is not only firmly bonded, but also will not shrink after the product is glued on. It is recommended to test and paste before mass production.
3. Product shrinkage: the rubber content of the product is higher than that of the general table pad, the durability is increased, and the tensile strength is increased accordingly. It is suggested that the product specification should be lengthened and relaxed during cutting, and stored for 24 hours, so that the product has a fatigue recovery process, and then glue production is carried out.
In some electronic and microelectronics enterprises, in order to avoid damage to electronic devices caused by static electricity, workers should not only require appropriate anti-static measures in the workplace, but also pay attention to the installation of various switch components, especially circuit boards. Must be equipped with anti-static wrist straps. The anti-static wrist strap effectively releases the static electricity of the human body through grounding, preventing the product from being hit by static electricity.

Only when the anti static wrist strap is used correctly can it have the effect of electrostatic protection. The correct steps are as follows:
Step 1: put your hand into the anti static wrist strap.
Step 2: pull in the lock to make sure that the anti static wrist has good contact with the skin.
Step 3: insert the anti static wrist strap into the anti static wrist strap Jack of the switch chassis, or clip it on the grounding post of the chassis with an alligator clip.

Step 4: make sure that the wrist strap is well grounded and that the anti static wrist strap needs to be used with a grounding socket. One grounding socket can be connected to two wrist straps.

In addition, we must always have a wrist strap tester and test it at any time, so as to ensure the anti static effect of the anti static wrist strap.

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