Anti Static Wrist Strap vs Gloves 2020-03-26

The function of the anti static bracelet is to guide away the static electricity caused by the action of the workers at work. Anti static gloves are designed to prevent static electricity from the human body from affecting the product when the hand touches the product. They are not substituted for each other, but coexist to ensure the yield of the product. Do not wear anti static bracelets when repairing power products, but you must wear anti static gloves.

Anti-static bracelet is the most basic anti-static equipment, its structure is simple by anti-static elastic belt, movable button, spring PU flexible cord, protective resistance and plug or crocodile clip, is a kind of small equipment used to release static electricity left by the human body to protect electronic chips. The type is divided into corded wrist band, cordless wrist band and intelligent antistatic wrist band, which is divided into single-loop wrist band and double-loop wrist band according to the structure. One of the keys to the electrostatic bracelet is the quantity and quality of the conductive fibers in the bracelet, the protection of the quality of the resistance, the number of bends at the connection of the bracelet, and the contact effect between the bracelet and the connecting buckle at the connecting wire. it is these intuitive and implicit things that determine the final quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to choose professional product suppliers or have testing means.

Although the electrostatic bracelet has many advantages, it is far from enough to rely on the release of the bracelet in the electrostatic sensitive area. therefore, we should fully understand the voltage withstand value of the product and do a good job of ESD protection. For example, anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes, anti-static gloves, anti-static table mats and other conventional anti-static products.

As the name implies, the main function of anti-static gloves is anti-static, which can effectively avoid the damage caused by static electricity to the product and the human body, and dissipate the static electricity in the air in time. At the same time, anti-static gloves can avoid direct contact with the product by the human body. avoid human body sweat, dandruff, dust and other harm to the product; In addition, anti static gloves can also effectively prevent alkaline or acidic liquids from harming human skin, and at the same time have good skid resistance and improve production efficiency. It is necessary for workers in semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry, semiconductor manufacturing industry, electronic picture tube manufacturing industry, computer motherboard manufacturing enterprises, mobile phone manufacturers and other workers to wear. It is suitable for use in all kinds of clean rooms that need glove operation, large and small electronic factories and circuit board PCB factories, TFT LCD factories, precision assembly engineering, semiconductor factories, optical disc factories, laboratories, machinery manufacturing, medical treatment, instrumentation and other industries. Excellent anti static performance and washing resistance.
Principle of anti static gloves:

1. Using the principle of electrostatic dissipation to add relatively high point resistive carbon fiber to the glove. Its advantage is that it is easy to wear, it can be more convenient for the wearer to operate the work piece, and the disadvantage is that the stability of electrostatic dissipation is not enough. It is often used in conventional electronic assemble.

2. Using the principle of grounding derivation, the weaving method of this kind of anti static gloves is roughly the same as that of carbon fiber anti static gloves, except that the copper fiber or silver fiber with low resistance is used to get the electric donkey. The advantage is that the static electricity of the human body can be eliminated stably and thoroughly. The disadvantage is that the staff using this kind of gloves also need to wear an anti static wrist strap connected to the gloves, and the operator must have a grounding device, and the wearing method is relatively cumbersome. And need to ensure that the overall base of the release line is stable and unobstructed.

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